18. April 2021
Edible East Grows
Edible East news on the first art/science trail and more - Sculptor Chris Jackson has prepared the first site for a sculpture at Hungate Art - John Innes Centre is inspiring local artists with the science of food security - You can now follow news at #Edible East Edible England Heritage Days - Gressenhall Museum shares fabulous resources on the history of food growing to inspire artists Community Forest Gardens - We are now planning the first of these food gardens in Norwich
28. March 2021
Edible East News - Alcoves
Edible East is working with The Heavenly Gardens and with Hungate Art to work out sites for art the first Edible East art-science trail. Sculptor Chris Jackson and archeologist Sophie Cabot have been locating alcoves, niches and small window spaces. George Ishmail took Chris Jackson on a tour of his 'Heavenly Gardens'.
24. March 2021
Edible East News - new partner and more news
An update on Edible East project
05. February 2021
Edible East - Meet the Team
Edible East is now supported by many fantastic local organisations.
24. January 2021
Edible East, creating an edible landscape
The events of 2020 made me more determined to create a fun and ambitious long-term art/science/food project for the health of local people and the environment. Edible East is an exciting new venture to explore the future of food in Norfolk with art, science and horticulture. Bringing twenty-first-century science from Norwich Research Park (NRP) into the heart of the ancient city, providing high-quality opportunities for the public to become involved in.
30. October 2019
Home of the microbes/small planet - children's drawings, waxed paper, vegetable papyrus
19. October 2019
The Art of the Gut exhibition was launched at the opening of Norwich Science Festival. At The Forum, Norwich, in teh BBC Foyer. Adults last night and children today flocked to hang their drawings of organs, to pin their hope for health onto the giant microbe!
06. August 2019
Villi template - I took this template into a school for d/Deaf and hearing students in Norwich. I asked them to make this shape into something or doodle. The result was rocket science!
04. July 2019
Creativity and wellbeing week drop in workshops for scientists, what happened.
22. May 2019
So I have learned a lot from running four family Art of the Gut workshops with Quadram scientists at a small local library. One thing being that when inviting people to join the group,the words gut and bacteria are surprisingly sometimes not attractive!

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