30. October 2019
Home of the microbes/small planet - children's drawings, waxed paper, vegetable papyrus
19. October 2019
The Art of the Gut exhibition was launched at the opening of Norwich Science Festival. At The Forum, Norwich, in teh BBC Foyer. Adults last night and children today flocked to hang their drawings of organs, to pin their hope for health onto the giant microbe!
06. August 2019
Villi template - I took this template into a school for d/Deaf and hearing students in Norwich. I asked them to make this shape into something or doodle. The result was rocket science!
04. July 2019
Creativity and wellbeing week drop in workshops for scientists, what happened.
22. May 2019
So I have learned a lot from running four family Art of the Gut workshops with Quadram scientists at a small local library. One thing being that when inviting people to join the group,the words gut and bacteria are surprisingly sometimes not attractive!
29. April 2019
Working on paper cutting to create cross sections of the gut, layering these to get a sense of perspective. Preparing activities for the next workshop with Quadram scientists at the local library tomorrow.
18. April 2019
A series of four workshops, making art with the scientists and myself for Norwich Science Festival. Fantastic activites from Quadram Institute and a chance to understand what goes on in your gut, have fun be creative and in the final session make smoothies on a bike.
14. April 2019
My Arts Council England and Norfolk County Council funded residency has begun, with a pilot workshop for scientists at the stunning new Quadram Institute Centre in Norwich. Nine scientist came from the award winning Lindsay Hall's research group. They worked with my mini shadow theatre kits and combined visuals from their own research into gut bacteria in early life with images selected from magazines.
08. September 2017
Great to be part of this exciting touring exhibition exploring the role of hormones in our lives. My film focuses on breasts and synthetic hormones in our domestic environments, featuring animation, footage of the body and medical scans. Starts in the UK Feb 2018, moving on to France and Spain, accompanied by events. For more info. see http://transitionalstates.com/
23. June 2017
I am exhibiting in a group show at an eco centre, The Greenhouse Gallery, Norwich, from July 1st - 19th August, one of a series of exhibitions, exploring the health of our soil. It features my son harvesting peas.

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