Jennie Pedley - artist

I collaborate with scientists and the public, often exploring issues of health of the body / the environment. I also work part-time as a physiotherapist at a school for Deaf children.


Art of the Gut is a new collaboration with scientists at the Quadram Institute to explore the world of gut bacteria and health

Norwich Science Festival 2019 will host a series of installations created during my residency at Quadram. 

Thanks to Arts Council England and Norfolk County Council for enabling me to explore our most recently discovered organ, the microboime.



Art of the Gut - residency at the brand new Quadram Institute, supported using public funding by Arts Council England and by Norfolk County Council.

Camden Arts Centre, London - a virtual world featuring memories of people with cerebral palsy

Transitional states - Hormones at the Crossroads of Art and Science, international touring exhibition

Shadow Sign - a new British Sign Language artform for an exhibition co-created with Deaf communities

Firstsite, Colchester - creating art through exploring British ecology with children

 The Institute for Ageing and Health, Newcastle University - film commission for Coming of Age exhibition


Derbyshire Wildlife Trusts - Olympic Cultural Legacy projects

The D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum - film commission

Paintings in Hospitals - film commission with children in hospital