Doodle in school

Rockets in the gut!

I am learning about inflammation in the intestine triggering trouble elsewhere. What better analogy for inflammation than this tangle of jet exhaust and flames? The rocket suggests a journey form the gut to a distant region. Gut-brain axis, gut-joint axis, with eighty percent of our immune system situated around the gut, the 'rocket' can set off a self distruct button.


On the space front, Quadram's Dr Lindsay Hall talks about star gazing in the biome, admiring millions of microbes in the darkness.


The shape was inspired by villi.... 'Villi (singular is villus) are small, finger-like structures in the small intestine. They help to absorb digested food. Each villus has micro-villi which increase the surface area of the intestinal walls. A larger surface area allows nutrients to be taken in more quickly'. (Wikipedia)

Drawing is by a student from Colman Junior School, Norwich.