Edible East, creating an edible landscape

Tiny edible landscape - the ones that got away
Tiny edible landscape - the ones that got away

The events of 2020 made me more determined to create a fun and ambitious long-term art/science project for the health of local people and the environment, this is how it looks today but it is still evolving...


What and when

Edible East is an exciting new venture to explore the future of food in Norfolk with art, science and horticulture. Bringing twenty-first century science from Norwich Research Park (NRP) into the heart of the ancient city, providing high-quality opportunities for the public to become involved in a sustainable future for food at a challenging time. An Art Science Trail with a downloadable and a paper guide will lead the public through the city to discover intriguing art installations and miniature food gardens in surprising places.


Arriving in the Summer of 21 with Dippy the dinosaur from the Natural History Museum, a trail of container/sculpture gardens will lead the public from the Cathedral Close to a series of art installations in the windows of previously empty retail units. The structures, art and the planting will enable the public to explore ideas for sustainable health-promoting food for the future, ranging from some that sound like science fiction to the 'fairy tale' of food in a forest.


The exhibitions and installations will remain in place for many months, being updated with new art work. Creative learning opportunities for young people, British Sign Language users and more will be held at online/outdoors as appropriate. Output from these sessions will contribute to further displays for the shop windows and container garden installations ready for Norwich Science Festival 21. They will bring life to the city, and the suburbs, offering many opportunities to get involved with ongoing educational and food growing projects


Long term aims

Edible East is working towards the creation of free food for those who need it, through community forest gardens with art and science content, in the city of Norwich, its suburbs and eventually throughout Norfolk. 


The team     

Edible East is led by an experienced Norwich based team of professionals, with the engagement team at Norwich Research Park working with Norwich Science Festival. We are currently discussing how best to link to organisations such as Norfolk Library and Museum Services. It will promote the work of existing community food growing groups such as Norwich FarmShare, the Sustainable Living Initiative and Little Plumstead Walled Garden. Alongside myself the multidisciplinary team are..

  • sculptor and experienced art technician Chris Jackson

  • horticulturalist/garden designer Nik Thomson (previously of Kew Gardens & Chelsea and various UK local councils)

  • drama practitioner and creative facilitator Hilary Thomson

  • scientist Dr Jenni Rant of the education charity the Science Art and Writing Trust (SAW) based at  Norwich Research Park

We have a larger team of local artists interested in this project who include those who have exhibited at major London and national galleries. They have worked on engagement projects for the Natural History and other major Museums, the National Trust, the Sainsbury Centre of Visual Art, as well as many London Hospitals and conservation charities



We are applying for funding.